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7 Factors to Consider if You’re Told Your Cholesterol Is Too High
“Over the years, however, cholesterol became a household word for something you must keep as low as possible, or suffer the consequences. Today, dietary fat and cholesterol are typically still portrayed as the worst foods you can consume.

Cutting calories slows aging, new study finds
“Reducing calorie intake could help slow aging and deter chronic disease in mammals, a new study shows.

5 Reasons K-Cups Aren’t OK for the Environment
“…the coffee convenience craze of the century, otherwise known as K-Cups are also a quick way to wreak havoc on the environment and, quite possibly, our health.

Top Vitamin D Research of 2014 From
“Higher vitamin D blood levels may reduce the risk of many types of disease including autoimmune diseases, cancers, cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetes mellitus and falls and fractures.”

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