Chicago Wellness – A More Complicated Choice on Mammograms

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Interval Training Helps Your Heart
“Anything that increases the supply of oxygen to the heart markedly reduces risk for suffering a heart attack, improves a heart attack victim’s chances of surviving a heart attack and of not having another heart attack, and makes him or her able to be far more active after a heart attack.”

Animal Protein – Cutting Through the Misinformation – Video
“Victoria Bloch is a Weston A. Price chapter leader. Here she discusses the philosophy of the Weston A. Price foundation when it comes to diet. She discusses Dr. Price’s research and findings which led to a book and overall philosophy.”

Women A More Complicated Choice on Mammograms
“For women who dutifully keep their mammogram appointments year after year, the latest results from a long-term trial in Canada, which found no difference in death rates from breast cancer among women who had regular mammograms and those who did not, are bound to sow confusion, perhaps even anger.”

New Hemp Oil Could Be A Powerful Cooking Alternative
“A recently developed hemp plant may prove to provide the ideal cooking oil; watch out, olive oil.”

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