Chicago Wellness – Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

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Red Wine and Your Gut?
“You’ve probably heard that red wine can be a very healthy drink option, but you most likely only heard about generic benefits of the antioxidants and resveratrol in red wine.”

Trace Amounts of Copper Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
“Copper is an example of a heavy metal that’s a nutrient at low concentrations but extremely toxic at higher levels. Your body uses copper for bone growth, nerve conduction, hormone secretion and more; yet in excess, and especially in non-organically bound form, it’s been linked to oxidative stress and brain damage that may lead to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.”

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?
“Share this video with everyone you know. Why? Because it explains the real story of how the vaccine industry is damaging countless children while getting away with murder through a special vaccine court that screws parents and favors the interests of Big Pharma and the government.”

Free Apps for Nearly Every Health Problem-but What About Privacy?
“Need to lose weight, quit smoking, improve your sex life or get a better night’s sleep? There’s an app for that — all of it — and more. Thousands of mobile apps are available to improve your health and fitness.”

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